HTML5 Game Development with Phaser

Sep 10, 2019

HTML5 Game Development with Phaser

From the early days of Flash, to contemporary HTML5, the Web has always been a popular platform for games. Phaser is a modern, robust, JavaScript game development framework for the web. It uses Canvas or WebGL rendering, provides multiple physics engines, supports tile maps, sprite-sheets, tween animation and sound.

Join presenter Matt Wilber for a step-by-step walk through in developing a clone of the classic arcade game “Mario Bros.” We’ll go over the basics of the Phaser framework, look at its “arcade” physics engine and animate characters with sprite sheets. We’ll also look at strategies for modern JavaScript development with ES6 syntax and Webpack workflows.

Matt is a voracious web tinkerer and UI/UX developer for ChartIQ, a fin-tech company based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Matt has a long history of game development for companies such as Visionary Media (home of “Whirl Girl”, the web’s first serialized cartoon series), Warner Bros. Online Entertainment and Vice Media. For more information, visit and follow his latest web experiments on twitter @greenzeta

Attended: 8


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Caroline Street Library/Fredericksburg
1201 Caroline St
Fredericksburg VA 22401