bitcoin & Bitcoin: Disruptive innovations that are changing the world.

Nov 12, 2019

bitcoin & Bitcoin: Disruptive innovations that are changing the world.

Just as you wrap your head around bitcoin being “a thing to understand”, we go and tell you there is also Bitcoin?! NO WORRIES! After this class you’ll have an understanding of what the difference is and why you should care about them. Be warned though, it’s the whys that will really get your head spinning!

Since the invention of inventing, disruptive innovations have drastically changed our world. We could not imagine our lives without currencies, cars, the internet, computers, cell phones, portable music, and so on as they are now. Yet the disruptive innovations that made them possible were not welcomed, they were feared and loathed. They threatened the products, services, and existence of companies and industries that thrived on prior innovations they would replace. Early “quirky” implementations and unknown aspects of these innovations were used against them to create Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) in the public’s eye. If not for the perseverance of dedicated inventors and adopters, we’d still be bartering for goods and services, traveling via horse drawn carriages, hand writing communications that are hand delivered. Without books, we’d be traveling long distances to acquire information while humming our favorite songs!

Join us to learn about bitcoin & Bitcoin fundamentals and how it has yet to break out of the early adopter’s stage. We’ll cover what “value” really is and how it’s ever changing, and how a system based on no trust can be better than ones based on trust!

Evan, a techpreneur for over 30 years, has spent the last two of which involved in cryptocurrencies. What started as a venture into mining cryptocurrencies has become a passion in understanding their potential to forever change our current perceived financial values and systems of trust. For more information, contact Evan via [masked].



7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Central Rappahannock Regional Library
1201 Caroline St
Fredericksburg VA 22401





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